Bateman Water Troughs With Service Box

Bateman Water Troughs With Service Box

From: £150.79

From: £150.79


Ensure a constant and reliable water source for your livestock with the Bateman Water Troughs With Welded End Box. These troughs are designed with larger pens in mind, providing efficient water access for your animals.

Convenient Welded End Box: Each trough comes complete with a welded end service box. This feature simplifies installation and maintenance, ensuring that your troughs are always in top working condition.

Welded in end service box can be accessed from either side making them any handed.

435mm wide x 410mm high

Available in 2ft – 8ft


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2ft – £150.79, 3ft – £167.14, 4ft – £182.98, 5ft – £185.22, 6ft – £220.49, 8ft – £285.02