Honda HHB36AXB Leaf Blower

Honda HHB36AXB Leaf Blower

From: £180.00

From: £180.00


The power to perform
High-capacity batteries and a powerful electric motor ensure that our new generation of cordless leaf blower offers the same level of performance as a petrol-powered device.

Adjustable fan speed
You’ll enjoy precise control of gardening tasks when using the Honda cordless leaf blower, as it has variable speed control that can be adjusted at the touch of a button.

A nozzle for all needs
Our new cordless leaf blower can be used safely in all weathers. And with two nozzles supplied as standard, you can adapt the airflow to suit the conditions. The round-head nozzle takes care of dry garden debris, while the flat-head nozzle is ideal for the finer control of wet leaves and cuttings

Cleaner performance
Our battery-powered leaf blower is cleaner than you think. As well as being zero-emission and boasting quiet running, it removes the need for handling petrol, oil and a starter cord. Just press the start button and set to work.

Honda believes in challenging convention. So, when creating a cordless blower, they knew that one of the most important considerations was the location of the battery pack.  Instead of attaching it to the leaf blower, they came up with an inno­vative solution: a battery belt. This clever idea helps create a light and easily controlled blower unit.

It even allows for left- or right-handed operation of the leaf blower, via its soft-touch, high-grip handle, thanks to battery attachment points at either side of the belt. You might say it’s a belt and braces approach.

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