Honda HHT36AXBEUE Brushcutter

Honda HHT36AXBEUE Brushcutter

From: £180.00

From: £180.00


The new Honda HHT36AXBEU is a powerful and modern cordless 36v brushcutter which has been developed to offer you the power of a petrol brush cutter but with all the convenience of cordless.

The high capacity 36v battery combined with the high performing brushless electric motor directly drives the cutting head which results in no loss of power or efficiency during operation.

The thermo-smart battery technology is second to none; you can choose from 4ah, 6ah, 9ah but whichever you choose you are assured that you will get the longest possible running time without compromising on power. The 9ah is likely the best choice for the professional gardener and offers a handy LED display to let you know when it is running low on charge.

This Honda cordless brush cutter is your perfect partner for managing overgrown and hard-to-reach areas of the garden – it combines portability with impressive power and precision cutting.

To help tackle tough undergrowth, the cordless brushcutter range comes with both a cutting line head and a three-tooth blade. The latter is designed to make light work of heavy-duty garden management.

The Honda HHT36AXBEU features an automatic linehead with a “tap n go” feature which ensures every cut is precise and efficient. And while you work you will appreciate the quiet capabilities of the Honda HHT brush cutter.

Thanks to the smart battery technology and the efficient motor you won’t need ear defenders; you’ll be well aware of anything going on around you and can therefore work in comfort and safety.

Honda have developed a comfortable to wear harness, it can be adjusted to fit you perfectly and will provide you with optimum balance while you operate the Honda HHT36AXBEU. The widely spread handlebars give you increased control and extra comfort as you work, ensuring you can change direction or achieve a neat and precise finish with minimum strain on your arms and shoulders.

Operating off our Universal Battery System, you can choose to use our 4,6,or 9Ah battery which can all be charged by our fast 8A charger*
We would recommend the 6Ah or the 9Ah battery* for this product.

Battery run time overview:

Run time with 4Ah battery with Nylon: 33mins
Run time with 6Ah battery with Nylon: 50 mins
Run time with 9Ah battery with Nylon: 75 mins
Run time with 4Ah battery with Blade: 60 mins
Run time with 6Ah battery with Blade: 90 mins
Run time with 9Ah battery with Blade: 135 min

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Brand Honda
Power Source Cordless / Battery
Power Details  Lithium Ion 36v / 4Ah/6Ah/9Ah batteries (Optional)
Shaft Type  Straight
Handle Type  Bike-Type
Grass Cutter Attachments  Tap & go nylon head & 3 tooth blade
Starting Method  Switch/Button/Bar
Weight  6.5kg

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