Honda HRX476QY 19″ Self Propelled Rear Roller Petrol Lawnmower

Honda HRX476QY 19″ Self Propelled Rear Roller Petrol Lawnmower


The HRX476QY, part of Honda’s Core range, is an evolution of the HRX476QX and is fitted with Honda’s innovative new GCVX170 167cc OHV Engine. This engine is smaller, lighter with less moving parts than its predecessor.  With a cutting deck of 19″ (approx. 47cm) the HRX476QY is perfect for lawns up to about the size of a tennis court.

The HRX476QY is self-propelled with the drive provided by the steel rear roller. As well as propelling the mower forward, the roller applies the classic English style stripe effect to your lawn and, just as importantly, allows you to mow up to the edge of the lawn without the danger of dropping the rear wheel into the border and scalping the grass. An often overlooked benefit of the rear roller is that growing grass causes the soil around it to lift, creating an uneven lawn. The application of the heavy steel roller acts to firm the soil down and help reduce this unevenness.

The HRX476QY, as one of Honda’s premium mowers comes with a number of features not found on their entry level Izy range. Perhaps the most useful of these features is Honda’s Roto-Stop blade brake mechanism. This stops the blades without stopping the engine which means that you can empty the grass bag or reposition the mower without having to restart the mower each time. In addition the HRX476QY has an immensely strong thermoplastic cutting deck which is impact and corrosion resistant and, unlike cheaper plastic decks, will not become brittle with exposure to sunlight, while the Honda blade is designed to twist rather than break if it hits a rock so it stays in one piece and will not damage the mower.

Cutting height adjustment is via a single rear mounted lever with five positions from 19mm-55mm and the handles fold quickly and easily for storage.



Brand Honda
Power Source Petrol
Power Details OHC 4-stroke Honda GCXV170 167cc / 3.6Kw @3600rpm
Engine make Honda
Transmission Single speed
Starting Method Recoil
Design Rear Roller
Cutter Deck Polymer
Cutting Width 48 cm
Cutting Heights 19 – 58 mm
Number Cutting Heights 5
Propulsion Self-Propelled
Collector 73 litres
Noise Value – Sound Power Level dB(A) 94
Weight 42 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1,520 x 530 x 1,055 mm
Power Cable Length No
Other Features No