Honda IZY HRG536SK Petrol Lawnmower

Honda IZY HRG536SK Petrol Lawnmower


The Honda IZY HRG 536 SK Petrol Lawnmower is ideal for large lawns up to 1800 m2/​  greater than the size of 2 tennis courts.​​​ The New Honda IZY now features a powerful and innovative GCVx engine, which is more efficient, quieter and lighter than the older model. The self-propelled HRG 536 SK petrol lawn mower consistently delivers an outstanding performance and exceptional results, even on rough turf with difficult to navigate slopes.

The GCVx 170 cc engine is extremely simple to start in any conditions due to the high quality auto-choke system, which offers improved temperature sensing and choke optimisation for easy starting. It has a quiet, very efficient and reliable engine, allowing you to work in an efficient and timely manner without hassle. Notably, the spark plug, oil drain and air filter are easily accessable to the user for simpler and faster maintenance.

The pressed 53 cm steel cutter deck is very sturdy and tough. Additionally, the pressed steel, powder coated cutter deck is lightweight while still being durable, and UV and corrosion resistant. The huge grass bag capacity of 66 litres means you can mow for longer without stopping and results in an outstanding every time.





Type – Izy Lawnmower

Cutting Width – 21″ / 53cm

Cutting Heights (mm) –  19-82 mm

Cutting Height Adjustment –  6 positions

Drive Self-propelled

Grass Bag Capacity –  66 L

Engine  – GCVx 170

Safety Breaking –  Flywheel Brake

Cutter Deck Material –  Steel

Dry Weight  – 36 kg

Starter Mechanism –  Fix throttle type auto choke

Handle Folding  – Yes

Noise Value –   98 dB(A)

Vibration –  4.5 m/sec2

Garden Size – Medium to large (larger than a tennis court)