Honda Robotic Mower Miimo 310 HRM310

Honda Robotic Mower Miimo 310 HRM310


The Honda Miimo HRM310m is designed to automatically mow lawns of up to 2,200m² and can easily handle slopes, meaning you don’t have to lift a finger to get a beautiful looking lawn. A robotic lawnmower like Miimo is particularly valuable for those who don’t have the time to keep their lawn looking as good as it might, or for those who lack the mobility to use a traditional walk-behind mower.

To use Miimo, all you need to do is set up the boundary wire to define the required mowing area, set the timer and mowing settings via the simple LCD display and control panel, then sit back and let Miimo do all the work. With three selectable mowing settings and a three-blade cutting fan precision engineered to produce a fantastic finish, Miimo will navigate your garden cutting your lawn to a height chosen by you (set to between 20mm and 60mm via a simple dial system) and all grass clippings are returned to the soil as mulch to help promote healthy lawn growth. Miimo is smart too; bump and lift sensors help Miimo avoid obstacles and find its way around safely and efficiently, and when the long-lasting lithium-ion battery dips below 30% Miimo will automatically return to its docking bay to recharge.

Miimo is also kind to your pocket and the environment as it charges via the mains so has low running costs and produces zero emissions, and is so quiet-running that you can even set it to mow overnight without fear of disturbing the neighbours. With a tough polymer body and anti-theft alarm system to boot, this robotic lawnmower is also durable and secure, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for a simple, zero-effort solution to maintaining a great looking lawn.

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Area Capacity Up to 1500m2

Working Capacity 83 m2/h

Maximum incline mowing area 24o / 45%

Maximum incline wire on slope 10o / 17%

Noise level guaranteed 62 db(A)

Blade type 3 (Swing back type)

Cutting Width 220mm

Cutting height adjustment Manual from 20 to 60mm

Battery type Li-ion 22.2V / 1.8Ah

Mowing time per charge 40 min

Charging time 30 min

Waterproofing IPX4

Docking station position Parallel to boundary wire

Boundary wire and pegs supplied 200m / 200 pegs

Weight 11.6kg