Honda Robotic Mower Miimo HRM 1500

Honda Robotic Mower Miimo HRM 1500


The new HRM1500 Miimo will it make your garden look good, but it will cause zero distraction with noise levels as low as 58dB(A) when mowing and reduced bump noise with its improved obstacle sensors. With a futuristic new design and enhanced strudiness, the HRM1500 cuts areas up to 1500m2, it can tackle inclines up 25 degrees and comes equipped with shortcut wire technology and Bluetooth connectivity.

Shortcut Wire

Allows Miimo to tackle narrow passages, reduce wheel track creation and reduce setup time to increase efficiency and speed.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Connect your Miimo to the Mii-Monitor App and have full control through your smartphone for easy, simple operation.


Miimo HRM1500 & HRM1500 Live models can be controlled through your smartphone, with the Live model offering extra features along with the ability to control your Miimo from wherever you are.

Quick Charging Time

Miimo HRM1500 and HRM1500 Live takes just 40 minutes to charge so you can deliver a quick mow for whenever your lawn needs it.

A extra installation fee/kit will need to be purchased please call us today to discuss.



Area Capacity – upto 1500m2
Maximum incline mowing area – 25°/47%
Maximum incline wire on slope – 10°/17%
Noise Level guaranteed – 58dB(A)*
Blade type – 3(swing back type)
Cutting width – 220mm
Cutting height adjustment -Manual from 20 to 60mm
Battery type – Li-ion 1.9Ah (42Wh)
Mowing time per charge – 40 mins
Charging time – 40 mins
Waterproofing – IPX4
Connectivity – Bluetooth
Docking station position – Parallel and right angle
Amazon Alexa connectivity – No
Dimensions (L x W x H (mm)) – 655 x 535 x 270
Weight – 11.3 Kg
*Guaranteed sound power level in accordance with 2000/14/EC – 2005/88/EC.