Honda UMK435 UE Brushcutter

Honda UMK435 UE Brushcutter


The Honda’s UMK435 UE is a straight-shafted brushcutter more than capable of tackling all of these tasks while also offering an admirable degree of convenience and comfort.

Key to the performance of this outstanding machine is Honda’s mini four-stroke petrol engine technology, with the 35cc GX35 model driving the UMK435 UE able to produce far more power than its compact size might suggest (up to 1,200 watts at 7,000rpm, to be exact). This is perfectly complemented by an anti-vibration clutch system, along with bike-style dual-handle controls and a safety harness, which together help to ensure that the UMK435 UE is easy and comfortable to operate, even for extended periods.

The impressive power of the UMK435 UE shows in the results it can achieve, with two cutting modes included for added versatility. For clearing tougher, rougher, thicker patches of dense vegetation, a three-tooth cutting blade option will get the job done quickly and efficiently. For more intricate areas of lawn, however, such as the borders of flowerbeds and around the edges of trees, the UMK435 UE’s nylon line option offers admirable levels of precision. Furthermore, to ensure your safety and ease of use, the cutting head features a tough, protective guard and a convenient tap-and-go line advancement system.

The construction of the UMK435 UE displays all the familiar signs of Honda’s innovative engineering principles, with a reinforced transmission head ensuring fantastic reliability and excellent durability. Moreover, with optional attachments including a tough four-tooth blade and a heavy-duty saw blade, the UMK435 UE is capable of performing excellently even when faced with the very toughest garden maintenance jobs, making it an excellent choice for both the enthusiastic amateur and the professional gardener.



Handle Design Bike-type

Max Power Output 1.6hp / 7000rpm

Power  1.2kW

Engine Type GX35 mini 4-stroke

Engine Size 35cc

Fuel Capacity 0.65L

Oil Capacity 0.10L

Starter Mechanism Recoil

Dry Weight 7.5kg

Nylon Head Spool

Blade Type Supplied 3 Tooth Blade

Noise Value 111dB(A)

Vibration 5.0-5.5m/sec2