John Deere Bio Gard 20L

John Deere Bio Gard 20L


Drivetrain and hydraulic systems within mixed or separated sumps, including hydraulic pumps/motors, hydraustats, manual-, powershift-, doubleclutch- and IVT transmissions, as well as axles including wet brakes, clutches and final drives. Suitable for forestry and turf care (golf courses, cemeteries), construction, municipalities services, waterway, orchards and farming operations that require biodegradability. Fully compatible with mineral-based Hy-Gard*. Compatible with standard elastomers (seals).

* For it to remain biodegradable, do not mix with mineral Hy-GardOutstanding transmission and hydraulics protection

Excellent wet clutch performance for smooth operations
Less wet brake chatter and maximum braking capacity
Remarkable protection from wear, corrosion, sludge and oxidation
Extraordinary oil shear protection
Minimum gear and bearing wear
Exceeds environmental eco-toxicity performance requirements
Over 93% biodegradable
Excellent corrosion protection

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