Stihl iMOW 7 EVO Robotic Mower

Stihl iMOW 7 EVO Robotic Mower


The Stihl  iMOW 7 EVO is part of the latest generation of iMOW® robotic mowers from STIHL. Designed for home gardens, these robotic mowers mow your lawn automatically so you don’t have to, giving you a beautiful green lawn, without even lifting a finger. Capable of cutting lawns of up to 5,000 m2 and gradients of up to 45%, the iMOW® is powered by a high-performance lithium-ion battery for efficient and continuous work over long working periods.

The iMOW® is controlled using the MY iMOW® app which controls all of the functions for the robotic mower, such as sending it out to mow, returning it to the dock, changing the mowing plan, adjusting the cutting height or checking the current status of the iMOW®. The iMOW® EVO has a mobile connection which means you can connect to it via the MY iMOW® app at any time and send it out to mow even if you aren’t at home. It can also connect to the MY iMOW® app via a home WiFi network or Bluetooth connection when close to the machine as well.

A extra installation fee/kit will need to be purchased please call us today to discuss.

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Max. mowing area 5000 m²
Max. gradient 45 %
Max. gradient with gradient kit 55 %
Cutting width 28 CM
Cutting width 11 “
Min. cutting height 20 mm
Max. cutting height 60 mm
Battery cell technology LITHIUM-ION
Weight 16 kg
Weight 35 lb
Sound pressure level 48 dB(A)
Max. mowing time – 80% battery charge 220 min
Max. mowing time – 100% battery charge 240 min
Battery charging time – 80% battery charge 80 min
Sound power level 61 dB(A)
Guide wires 3 PC
Cordless power system AAI
Connectivity Bluetooth, WLAN, Mobile
LED display Backstripe, LED-Matrix