Stihl Motomix Fuel Mixture

Stihl Motomix Fuel Mixture

From: £6.30

From: £6.30


Stihl MotoMix is there patented premixed fuel, specially blended for ultimate performance.

This 50:1 ready-mixed fuel is a combination of premium non-ethanol, high-octane motor fuel for all STIHL 2-stroke engines which gives you optimum performance, excellent cold start properties, maximum acceleration over the entire rpm range and perfect running characteristics even with a sudden rev change.

STIHL HP ultra premium oil for exceptional engine lubrication and extreme cleanliness, fully synthetic and biodegradable for optimal performance and long service life. User- and engine-friendly thanks to fewer emissions (free from ethanol; almost no olefins and aromatic compounds).

Can be kept in storage for up to five years. Reliable top performance – STIHL 2-stroke engines and STIHL MotoMix are made for each other; all conceivable applications have been put through rigorous testing.



Technical data Value
Octane number RON >95
Octane rating MOZ 93
Aromatic content % Vol. 0.1
Benzene content % Vol. 0.03
Sulphur content mg/kg 3
Shelf life Years up to 5
Density at 15°C kg/m3 690
Olefin content % Vol. 0.1
Vapour pressure at 40 °C kPA 61
Two-stroke oil content % Vol. 1.8

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1L Motomix Fuel = £6.30, 5L Motomix Fuel = £25.00, 20L Motomix Fuel = £92.00, 55L Motomix Fuel = £250.00, 200L Motomix Fuel = £780.00