Stihl SGA 85 Cordless Sprayer (Shell only)

Stihl SGA 85 Cordless Sprayer (Shell only)


The Stihl SGA85 Cordless Sprayer has a excellent spraying performance up to 6 bar and large volume flow.

  • Working pressure can be controlled by a rotary control.
  • The low weight and the high-quality carrying system ensure a high level of working comfort and low fatigue thanks to not having to use a manual pump.
  • Ideal for the application of disinfectants, herbicides, pesticides and fungicides in agriculture and in horticulture, fruit growing and viticulture.
  • No exhaust gasses means you can use it in greenhouses and indoors.
  • Comprehensive range of accessories for a wide variety of uses and applications.

Working time with recommended AP 100 battery is up to 510 minutes.



Technical data Value
Nominal voltage V 36
Weight kg 1) 6.2
Sound pressure level dB(A) 2) 66
Sound power level dB(A) 2) 77
Vibration value on the right m/s² 3) 0.9
Min. Water flow l/min 1.5
Max. Water flow l/min 3.1
Max. Pressure bar 6
Container content dm³ 17
Height mm 606
Width mm 406
Working time with AP 100 battery min 4) up to 510
Tank capacity l 17
Working time with AP 200 battery min 4) up to 1.000

1) Without battery
2) K value according to RL 2006/42/EG = 2.0 dB(A)
3) K value according to RL 2006/42/EG = 2 m/s²
4) Battery working times are approximate and may vary depending on application