Cobra AirMow 51B 20″ Petrol Hover Mower

Cobra AirMow 51B 20″ Petrol Hover Mower


The Cobra AirMow 51B petrol hover Lawnmower is powered by a Briggs & Stratton 575 EX engine, has a 20″ cutting width, is equipped with a wheel kit as standard and is built for the demands of the domestic gardener.

Floating on a cushion of air
Literally floating on a cushion of air, the Cobra AirMow 51B hover mower can maintain grassy slopes up to a 45° angle with all the freedom that a petrol-powered machine brings.

The cushion of air between the mower and the ground means it can be glided across the grass with very little effort.

Wheel Kit as Standard
The Cobra AirMow range of petrol hover mowers all come equipped with a 3-in-1 wheel kit as standard.

1) With the wheels engaged the mower can be pushed over difficult or uneven surfaces easily.

2) Simply lift the wheels and click in place if not required.

3) Easily remove the wheels.


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  • Engine: B&S 575EX Ready Start
  • Drive Type: Hand Propelled
  • Cutting Width: 51cm / 20″
  • Cuts on 45° slopes
  • Wheel Kit Included
  • 17 – 25mm 2 Stage Adjustment
  • Weight: 20kg