Honda EU22i Generator

Honda EU22i Generator


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The Honda EU22i Generator has a bigger GXR120 engine so your electricity can follow you wherever you go furthermore due to their quiet nature you can use these handy generators anywhere.

Ideal for caravanning and camping, it is able to provide clean, reliable electricity in the most extreme locations. The EU22i is built out of light materials such as magnesium, so they’re easy to transport meaning you don’t need to waste your own energy carrying them.

With this model Honda have added a new “Fuel Valve Shutoff Position” which keeps the engine running without adding more petrol which allows you to burn off fuel in the carburettor. This ultimately means that the carburettor won’t get damaged by stale fuel.

As well as a new front cover design and side logo, Honda also added extra ventilation holes and a new long wear material and guard placed around the pull cord.

With its unique Inverter technology you are guaranteed smooth, uninterrupted electricity wherever you may be, so you’re safe to plug in your laptop, or any other sensitive electronic equipment and be confident it won’t get fried.

As per Honda’s recommendation we are one Honda dealers that ensure that your new Honda is started & tested (PDI) before dispatch. A Honda trained engineer will remove your new generator from the box and start & test. This gives you the confidence that you should not experience any problems when receiving your order or just as important any failure to comply with Honda’s warranty conditions.

Key Features:

Oil alert: This is a useful function that prevents damage to your engine by automatically shutting the unit down if oil drops below a safe operating level.
Lightweight: Not only are our generators easy to use, they’re easy to transport and store, too. Because they’re lightweight, they’re easy to move around, whatever job you’re doing.
Low noise: It’s so quiet you’ll hardly notice it’s there. The noise-reducing muffler, casing and acoustic paneling greatly reduce the machine’s operational noise.
Eco-throttle: This is a smart Honda technology that automatically adjusts the engine speed to precisely match the load. This saves fuel, extends engine life and contributes to quieter operation.



Brand     Honda
Power     Details Honda GXR120 Engine, 4-stroke, OHC, 1 cylinder
Phase      Single Phase
Fuel Type  Petrol Unleaded
Rated Watts (W)  1800
Max Watts (W)   1800
KVA    2.2
Voltage    230
Rated Frequency (Hz)   50
DC Rated Output     12 V / 8A

Sockets    2 x 230V 13 amp 1x12v(DC)

Output Technology    Inverter
Fuel tank Capacity   3.6 litres
Running Time   3 hours 50 minutes
Dimensions (L x W x H)   519 x 290 x 425 mm
Starting Method  Recoil
Noise Value – Sound Power Level dB(A)    52 dBA @7 m 89 LWA
Weight   21.1 kg