AX 13C Cleaving hatchet

AX 13C Cleaving hatchet


Highly suitable for light splitting work.

Ash handle.

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Technical data Value
Length cm 50
Weight of axe head g 1.250
Axe handle material Ash
Delimbing Suitable
Felling with an axe Not recommended
Lighter / mid-range cleaving 1) Very suitable
Mid-range / heavier cleaving 2) Not recommended
Cleaving metre-length logs and heavy wood 3) Not recommended
Felling with a wedge 4) Not recommended

1) Kindling, 30 cm long, diameter up-to 30 cm
2) 35 cm long, diameter up-to 50 cm
3) Cleaving wedge should be used if necessary
4) Aluminium or plastic wedge