AX 6 P Universal Forestry hatchet with nail puller

AX 6 P Universal Forestry hatchet with nail puller


Universal hatchet with fibre glass reinforced polyamide handle.

Particularly light, robust, durable and weather-proof. Ideal for de-limbing and lighter splitting work.

The axe head is made of C60 coated steel with excellent sliding properties and is inseparably connected to the handle. The head also has an integrated nail puller for added convenience.

The surface of the lower part of the handle is non-slip coated and therefore ensures a good grip when working. The centre of gravity close to the axe head provides optimum weight distribution and makes for strength saving work.

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Technical data Value
Length cm 37
Weight of axe head g 640
Axe handle material Polyamide
Delimbing Very suitable
Felling with an axe Not recommended
Lighter / mid-range cleaving 1) Suitable
Mid-range / heavier cleaving 2) Not recommended
Cleaving metre-length logs and heavy wood 3) Not recommended
Felling with a wedge 4) Not recommended

1) Kindling, 30 cm long, diameter up-to 30 cm
2) 35 cm long, diameter up-to 50 cm
3) Cleaving wedge should be used if necessary
4) Aluminium or plastic wedge