Stihl ASA 20 Cordless Secateur Set

Stihl ASA 20 Cordless Secateur Set


The Stihl ASA 20 Cordless Secateurs revolutionize pruning with precision cuts and ease. Set includes AS2 battery, AL1 charger, and shell for optimal performance.

Available end of July 2024. Pre-order now to secure your item.

The mighty STIHL ASA 20 Cordless Secateurs is a groundbreaking tool engineered to revolutionize pruning with precision and ease.

Exceptional Performance and Features
The ASA 20 effortlessly cuts through greenery up to 25mm thick, with a rapid closing action that outpaces traditional secateurs, slashing effort and time spent on each task.

Part of the STIHL AS Battery Line: Power Meets Versatility
As a proud member of the STIHL AS battery line, the ASA 20 ensures enduring power and performance.

Enhanced Productivity with Adaptable Blade Opening
This feature offers two blade widths, allowing for swift adjustments. This speeds up pruning, especially on thinner branches, enhancing overall productivity.

Progressive Cut for Unmatched Control
The ASA 20’s progressive cutting mechanism aligns blade movements with the user’s trigger actions, offering unmatched control and precision in each cut.

Designed with the User in Mind
The lightweight, balanced design of the ASA 20 minimizes wrist strain, ideal for extended gardening activities, while ensuring comfort and ease of use.

Intuitive Use and Easy Maintenance
The secateurs include a quick-reference guide directly on the tool, an integrated tool for blade adjustments, and a clear LED display that shows essential information, making operation and maintenance straightforward.

What’s included in the set
This set comes with the STIHL ASA 20 shell, an AS 2 battery and a rapid AL 1 charger to ensure a full charge in just 70 minutes.




Technical Information

Voltage: 10.8v
Weight (excluding battery): 0.76 kg
Weight (including battery): 0.98 kg
Maximum Cutting Diameter: 25 mm
Maximum Cuts per Charge: 2,000
Blade Opening Positions: 2
Tool Length (including battery): 32.4 cm